Dragonbond, Ysval Warriors

“Dragonbond Ysval Warriors”, Milivoj Ćeran 2021.
– 53 x 77 cm (20,8 x 30,3 inches)
– acrylic on paper (Fabriano 5, 300 gsm)
– AD: Thomas Babbey
– © Draco Gaming

Full art for the Kickstarter “Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna 3D STL – Nahuac & Ysval”, by Draco Studios

I got fantastic opportunity to paint big epic artwork for the Dragonbond Kickstarter, Ysval faction. Those warriors are close to the imagery I like to paint, Norse inspired – snow, giants, dragons, mountains, big hammers…

So last summer I had a chat with a good friend of mine Thomas W. Babbey, cause I just saw two Dragonbond artworks for the previous campaign, painted by Scott Murphy. I said to Thom – I like this, if you’ll need more epic artworks, I’ll be happy to jump in. Thomas said – I was just about to suggest you that and ask you, cause the new campaign is right up your alley – it is Norse inspired! So that was beginning.

I got art brief, with fantastic concept art by Steve Prescott and Tyler Walpole Illustration, and it was very inspiring.

“…Oryan, the charismatic young leader of the Ysval peoples, sits atop his dragon, Raxxor, his hammer raised high and his mighty war host assembled around him. Flanking him on both sides are two griffin riders, and behind them are numerous Ysval warriors, battle-ready and cheering on their leader, Oryan. In the far distance, a giant or two lumbers to join the call, with perhaps more griffon riders flying alongside them to join the ranks…”

I had one demand – I wanted to paint the artwork but with adjusted Norse knotwork/bordure around. Thomas just loved the idea (..Go for it!).

So here is the result of wonderful collaboration.

Thanks to Thomas, and thanks to my very good friend Kristijan Kralj King Tattoo studio for posing for some of Ysval warriors.