Insane Clarity

“Insane Clarity”, Milivoj Ćeran 2011.
– 31 x 26 cm
– acrylic on paper
– AD: Mari Kolkowsky
– © Wizards of the Coast LLC
– private collection

Illustration for fortune cards set “Spiral of Tharizdun” D&D 4th Edition, published in 2012.

Galafaer, Elf Shugenja monk, concentrating to overcome some debilitating effect, in a weird landscape in the Elemental Chaos.
Elf Shugenja monk is a monastic warrior armed with elemental magic. As an air-bender, he has a strong connection to elemental air and demonstrates this in the constant breeze swirling about him. He has no weapons, no armor, and little in the way of equipment. He is essentially a martial artist able to control the winds.

The Elemental Chaos is a place of constant destruction and rebirth as earthbergs collide and elemental forces meet in spectacular displays of churning chaos.