As Luck Would Have It
As Luck Would Have It

"As Luck Would Have It" by Milivoj Ćeran 2016.
- 33 x 45 cm (13 x 18 inches)
- acrylic on paper (fabriano 5, 300 gsm)
- "Unstable" set, 2017
- AD Dawn Murin © Wizards of the Coast

This was really a great assignment: Barbarian warlord on her carved throne, with her weapons and impressive collection of lucky symbols.
She has horseshoe, green four leaf clover, pot of hold with rainbow, live rabbit sits in her lap, she crosses the index and middle finger of one hand; in her other hand she holds a small copper coin.
...Even badasses need a little luck. Or a lot!
My wife Marina Ćeran was a model for the warlord.