I am very proud to announce my special D&D artwork, and first interior lp 3-fold art!
*NOTE* text is a bit longer, scroll down for images*

– “Spelljammer” lp album interior art, Milivoj Ćeran 2022
– 31 x 85 cm (12,2 x 33,5 inches)
– acrylic and airbrush on paper
– interior 3-fold art for the “Spelljammer” lp album
– Art Director – Nick Bartoletti
– © Wizards of the Coast
– private collection

Here is the part of the text I wrote for the Imagine FX 221, released in January 2023:

„… Last year I got a very exciting assignment for D&D. It was an interior 3-fold art vinyl album, for fan favorite D&D in outer space setting – Spelljammer.

Assignment is to design a panoramic scene for the interior of the ship. That ship, which appears on the cover of the album, is an Illithid/Nautiloid. Therefore I need to paint the interior/bridge to that ship so that it feels like we are viewing the scene on the cover from a different viewpoint. Ship suppose to feature the interior bridge and control panel of a Nautilus ship. Large panoramic window into the environment need to be full of wild and wacky creatures and ships. Center image needs to be the focus of the painting, a Nautiloid ship emerging from a Wildspace portal into Avernus.

Additional portals revealing Wildspace are added to fill the other panels of the cover. Artwork needs to show that moment featured on the cover, just from a different view.

Left and right panels are some kind of control panel, but not too busy cause the track listings will be printed over that area.

This is a very challenging and epic assignment, cause at the same time the whole artwork must work as a unique image/painting, but also as a 3 separated folds for the vinyl album, with designed places for the text.

I rarely have an opportunity to make wide panoramic artworks, and biomechanic, so this is one of those assignments that also raises the bar in artistic means (thinking out of the box).

Since the vinyl albums are big in size, I decided that the original painting should also be bigger than my other assignments. Medium is acrylic and airbrush on paper, 31 cm width x 85 cm height (12,2 x 33,5 inches)… „

The artwork was also featured in the Imagine FX magazine issue 221 Traditional Artist Workshop in 2023

And here is the link for the album: