Unexpected Allies

„Unexpected Allies“ was revealed in the new MTG Arena set Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate. That means there is no printed version of this card, cause this is digital set only. And this is also my very first cooperation with AD Deborah Garcia.

“Unexpected Allies” – Milivoj Ćeran 2021.
– 33 x 45 cm (13 x 17,7 inches)
– acrylic and airbrush on paper (Fabriano 5, 300 gsm)
– AD: Deborah Garcia
– set: “Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate”, MTG Arena set (digital version only)
– © Wizards of the Coast

This was fun to paint, cause 2 centipedes and lizard are coming out of a falling wooden nesting dolls. And since it is D&D set, I designed those dolls with a D&D character, but in a style of russian dolls. And I enjoyed to paint that swirl of reddish magic.