Unraveled Mind

“Unraveled Mind”, Milivoj Ćeran 2011.
-31 x 26 cm
– ecoline, airbrush and gouache on paper
– AD: Mari Kolkowsky
– © Wizards of the Coast LLC
– private collection

Illustration for fortune cards set “Spiral of Tharizdun” D&D 4th Edition, published in 2012.

Viltham – a gnome illusionist, casting a spell with a crazed expression on his face, in a graveyard at night.
He has a very strong Feywild connection in his appearance. He looks a bit sinister, since he is a trickster. He looks like a traveller—someone who has walked far
and wide—and is dressed in utilitarian traveling clothes.
He’s carrying an orb in one hand, something that looks swirly and green, with golden motes inside.